The best webshop builders in the world

Sep 20, 2021

Great that you’re here! It means you are finally off to the next step. You now have decided which business niche to push. Right? No? That’s alright. We all need time to think and pick what’s best for ourselves. Consider this an advance celebratory regards when you’re past that. But please don’t get stuck. We can also spare a few minutes of our time for a one-time only free advise in your way to create your online shop. How about that? If you are here to move to the next step, well, let’s go and find that right webshop builder for you.

Let us first define what webshop/e-commerce web builders are? These e-commerce builders are designed to offer ease of use for those who have little to no knowledge of web development but would want to launch a professional and attractive looking website. Coding, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and all those jazz, you won’t need to stress on all that. With a webshop builder, all are built-in for you. You basically would only need to choose the design or template for your shop, pattern, fill in, and upload the contents, pick and add the apps that would be valuable for your webshop. If you don’t have enough funds to use to hire a professional developer just yet, these webshop builders are perfect for you.

Now, you might be asking, what is the best webshop builder? We suggest we change that question you have in mind. Rather, let us figure which webshop builder is best for you? Best for your type of business, your convenience, the webshop builder you are most comfortable with, and the best for your budget. You would want to use a webshop builder that fits you best and not that which you are having a hard time dealing with. 

In this article, we will briefly review some of the most used webshop builders for you to choose from.


With Shopify, you can set up your store and pick a plan after the 14 days free trial period. Their plans range from $29 to $299 a month. They offer a 10% discount on annual plans and a 20% discount on biennial plans when paid upfront. 

You might skip reading more about Shopify thinking it’s not worth your time as it is not free. Don’t! Shopify cost higher than the other webshop builders, but, if not crowned, is one of the most popular webshop builders for e-commerce. That alone is the very reason why you should not take your attention away from it and all the other webshop builders which may require fees for you to build and use. These fees are in exchange for your independence and convenience. Instead of constantly relying on a web developer to build and fix a webshop for you, you can freely do that on your own. That is one of the advantages you get when using these webshop builders.

Let’s move on, shall we?

Did you know? Tesla Motors, Redbull, Kylie Cosmetics, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and Lindt are just a few of the big companies that are making use of Shopify. We are not saying this to intimidate any of those hopes. Chin up! You are here to know one of those key elements those big enterprises use. 

One of the pros you get when using Shopify is how ease of customization and integration. As the store owner, you can manage your inventory, handle payments through the platform, do marketing, and make use of SEO tools and mobile optimization, and review the analytics of your webshop’s performance. Shopify could also brag about their platform’s excellent site performance. Think about those huge sale events of huge enterprises where web visitors flood their website. Shopify has less chance to crash when dealing with high traffic on site. 

The support system of Shopify is well-established, too. Tips and solutions to common issues are found through the engagement the community built across Shopify users.

Big Commerce

You get the chance to feel how everything works for no charge within their 15 days free trial period. A fee of not less than $29.95, the minimum of their monthly plan, is charged thereafter.

Similar to Shopify, BigCommerce is a reputable and reliable webshop builder. It also offers a complete set of tools that will help you set up your webshop. However, its start-up plan boasts more features available to use compared to Shopify. 

One of the key features of Bigcommerce and the other webshop builders is the abandoned cart saver. This is a useful tool in reaching back to customers who’ve missed to check out and pull them back to the site and complete the purchase. That is just one way of you grabbing all the chances on those sales with the help of your webshop builder. Bigcommerce also has a 24/7 support system thru different channels: phone, live chat, and email.


In Wix, you can create a webshop for free. Yes! A free plan. However, the features and tools you can use are limited. In order for you to start receiving payments, you will have to subscribe to their Basic plan the least. If you upgrade, the entry plan is at $23.

The Wix editor is very user friendly. There is always a guide you could check on that would help you understand what you see on their platform. It’s drag and drop feature makes it easy even for beginners. If you also know how to program, you too can make use of its advanced e-commerce tool.

With Wix, your sales are your own. It wouldn’t take any portion of your business’ income. We are sure that would weigh in your decision-making process. Other webshop builders do take a small percent commission out of your sales. 


WooCommerce was launched as an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress in 2011. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants who use WordPress as their web-site’s builder (CMS). WooCommerce has quickly become so popular due to its simplicity to install and customize and offering a free base product. You can build a great web-shop and link it to your main website or a separate website on WordPress only using the free components of WooCommerce. You can also enhance your web-shops functionality and potential by subscribing to tens of additional solutions provided by free or paid WooCommerce Extensions. WooCommerce is a wonderful way to start your online shop to sell any type of products and services including physical, virtual, subscriptions, or Bookable services. If you use WordPress to build your website, choosing WooCommerce to build your web-shop will become a no brainer! It takes a few minutes to install the free WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site, which creates all the necessary site pages like product list, product page, shopping cart, payment pages and so on automatically. You can learn to put your first product on your online shop in about an hour and make money online.

There are more webshop builders for you to try and choose from. For now, we will have these four to feature and for you to further research on. As we’ve mentioned in our previous publication, it is best if you make use of these webshop builders’ trial period to discover which you are most comfortable with. Give it time and effort. We promise you it wouldn’t go to waste. 

On our next blog, We will further share other tools you can choose to build your online business of dream. Let’s meet again on the next article.

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