E-commerce Leading the “New Normal”

Sep 20, 2021

For the year 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be an endless nightmare. The pandemic continuously affected countries smashing the world economy and healthcare. It did not just kill millions but shut doors of new and established businesses like hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and so on. People were kept home for safety, some losing jobs and had to rely on the government’s subsidy. Yet, there’s a minority that was equipped to breakthrough, taking a lead of bouncing back from adversity. 

Lives for some were turned and saw this curse did bring a blessing to some entrepreneurs and business owners. As the change of lifestyle staggered most industries, e-commerce thrived. Many businesses found the need for e-commerce as most of the consumers’ behavior shifted to an increase in online shopping. As more shoppers embrace the “new normal” brought by e-commerce, the success of it was more amplified consequently, pressuring different businesses to adapt to compete and to survive. 

Here are five businesses which went online while facing the pandemic:

Convenience stores

To meet safety and demand, grocery stores became strategic in offering their goods and services while keeping jobs of their employees. Some grocery companies became their very own fulfillment centers for pick up and even delivery. 

A huge market like Walmart moved steady and fast by launching Walmart Marketplace’s website and app in partnership with Shopify. Walmart allows approved third-party sellers to list and sell their items on their website and app. With such strategic integration, broader assortments were made available to the public. 

Fitness Companies

As gyms are seen to be an unsafe ground, in accordance to the mandate by the government, gyms ceased to operate. However, companies like Fitness First, and 24 hours Fitness moved their programs and workouts sessions online staying connected to their members while surviving in business.

Education Sector

Digital learning took the stage of 2020 by storm. As safety became the highest concern to parents, a rapid movement of enrolment and all school activities to the online method became an option made available by most universities and other school sectors meeting demands while avoiding potential loss.  

Despite the challenges and concerns brought by online learning, this unforeseen shift away from classroom setting is perceived to impact behavior and could create a huge transition for the education sector. Could online learning be acclimated as the choice of future of learning?

Food Supply Chains

As consumer and dining behavior has changed, demand of the food industry spiked along with e-commerce. Restaurants turned to partnering with food delivery services to continue connecting with locals. Some big companies like Campbell and Lindt stepped up to adapt. Campbell is set to launch its app in working with a former ebay and Amazon executive, while Lindt launched its first official online store through Shopify.

It is clear how the business world has greatly evolved over centuries. E-commerce became essential to traders and shoppers worldwide. It is foreseen that the rise of E-commerce will most likely be permanent. With the right platform and tools, you too could shape a new online business from scratch. How did the pandemic affect you and your vision? Did this pandemic break your hopes and dreams, or did it make you stronger and wiser? Allow us to share our expertise and shape your ideas to launching your first online business.

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